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As a company we are a team since January, in life we've been a team for 11 years. Originating from Poland, we moved to Berlin to bring famous Polish diligence and professionalism to startups and SMEs. We are here to bring out the best in your brand.


Coherence of your brand helps your customer to understand you and is what will turn an enquiry into a sale. We help discover your identity, whether you're just starting out or looking to develop a new, recognisable profile. Using our unique process we'll take you on a journey of self-discovery so you start talking with your customers with clarity and confidence.


Be confident with the visual presence of your brand, with a little help from us. We can produce a logo that's fresh and modern and even give your business a makeover including business cards and website layouts too. In Poland we say that sometimes you see and you just know and that's what we want your customers to feel.


Make a good first impression with a website that's both beautiful and functional. Your website is often the first time your customer sees you: we can design user experience that will leave a lasting impression. We believe that website should be the heart of the brand and we want to make this heart beat.


We are living in a mobile first and always connected world which gives more opportunities to connect with your customers. Let’s create a custom mobile solution for your business to help achieve just that.


Sometimes your business needs a custom solution to improve how you work. If you have an idea, we have the ability to make it a reality. Talk to us today about how we can take your business forward.


They are saying over and over again, that on user experience depends your success. How to know if your user are the happiest one? We have a CUX – multitool for UX research. Easy way to analyze website traffic or get to know your web/app visitors better.
Start today with user recording, heatmaps and form analysis


Can you imagine sending various files without the wires? You don’t need to look for usb anymore to transfer the files to your homies or office mates. There is wrzucacz for that. We did it, because we also hate cables and love to spare the time. You’re welcome.

How we work?

We really care about the communication both inside cloud development as well as with clients. We are not a big and old company, so we understand what it's like when you start. We work in design thinking process for better human experience.
Understand As an agency, our business is to deliver your vision so we take extra care in understanding your needs. We have to feel your business to make your clients feel it too. We believe that our human experiences leave the most lasting impressions so we use this idea in design. Because your customers are human first.
Explore Our solutions originate in research. We learn about your customers to help them understand your message. They have to trust you like you trusted us.
Materialize You can see the progress we're making on your project at all times with our own project tracking system. Test our solutions and give us feedback in real time. Watch us while we help make the first step in making you famous.


CUX is your one-stop-shop for understanding your users’ experiences online. There is no better option for product optimisation than solving real customer problems. Get to know what works for your users, their frustrations, and how their experience on your site could be improved.

With CUX there is no need to wait for data to be collected. Paste the code snipped to your website and see your site as your user’s see it and understand how they use it, immediately.

Optimise your conversion rate now!

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Graphic designer in Gdańsk, Poland
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Własny Styl

Dressmaker. Tricicty, Poland
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Create event online and meet people offline
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One click file hosting
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